Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub


Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub 


Welcome to Pennine GP Alliance (PGPA) who are a Primary Care Workforce Training Hub (PCWTH) run in conjunction with Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber (HEEYH). 

PCWTH began as a pilot named the Advanced Training Practice Scheme initiated in Yorkshire and the Humber in 2009 to champion inter-professional learning and to create a model for integrated commissioning of primary care training capacity across a number of curricula and for learners at different stages of learning. Our team has been a part of this project for 11 years and is now a very experienced facilitator of workforce development. Practices provide placements for undergraduate nursing students in general practice. It is hoped that this experience will encourage the consideration of practice nursing as a first line destination career. The students are trained by registered professionals who have undergone a preparation for practice assessor course enabling them to gain valuable experience in this area of nursing. This forms part of their evaluated training and development. As the training is being provided by practices that place a strong emphasis on education and development this enriches the learning environment of the practice. 

PGPA as the Primary Care Workforce Training Hub for our area, we support practices across Calderdale, North Kirklees and Greater Huddersfield, to increase and sustain the general practice workforce. We develop Practice Assessors/Practice Supervisors, support and facilitate undergraduate nursing students on placement, develop newly qualified nurses into experienced practice nurses, and the training of advanced clinical practitioners. 

PGPA PCWTH has provided thousands of student placement days for hundreds of students so far, which have evaluated extremely well. This is testimony to the hard work and professionalism of those taking part. These students will be the nurses of the future so the Practice Assessors and Practice Supervisors are fulfilling a pivotal role in shaping their view of general practice.  

Current HEE schemes being coordinated by the PGPA PCWTH across our area are:-  

GPN Ready – To assist general practices in taking this step of considering the appointment of a new NMC registered nurse or a return-to-practice nurse, HEE is offering a financial incentive of up to £8k over a two-year period for an FTE nurse. The purpose of the incentive was to support the education and training of their new general practice nurse (GPN) over their first two years of employment. Expectations of the scheme included that a practice would develop an educational plan for the new GPN which included attendance an NMC approved Practice Assessor programme (previously called Supporting Learning in Practice or SLiP) in year two of their employment. Additionally, they have a named appropriate supervisor. DEFINITIONS: Newly qualified means that the nurse has graduated within the last nine months and this will be their first destination post since qualifying. Return-to-Practice (RTP) nurse means they have attended a recognised RTP course and this will be their first destination post since attending the course. 

 ACP Scheme – To assist general practices in taking the step of considering the appointment of a practitioner to train as an ACP, HEE North are offering a Training Grant of £11,000 per annum per post for a maximum of 3 years to cover the training period. MSc – HEE North will pay course fees directly to the chosen University that trainee ACPs attend so they can complete their full MSc award (3 years). This incentive is to be used to support the education and training of a new ACP over their first three years of employment whilst working towards completing the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. The scheme is open to the full variety of roles which practices may choose to develop into an ACP, examples include: registered nurses developing into an advanced nurse practitioner (ANP), paramedics, physiotherapists, pharmacists.   

For further information regarding the PCWTH or the above schemes, please contact: 

Tracy Wood –Admin Lead 

Michele Bryden –Management Lead